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Colquitt County High School student accepted into Destination Dawgs program

Yana Wilson has been accepted into a unique program at the University of Georgia, designed to empower students with intellectual disabilities by equipping them with skills for self-determination, independence, and career advancement.
“It feels amazing to be in Destination Dawgs and just it’s overwhelming. It’s exciting. It’s a little bit of an emotional rollercoaster for me right now. But, I think when I get there, I’ll be ready to take on this journey,” said Yana Wilson, Destination Dawgs, recipient.
Originally from Ukraine, Yana Wilson reflects on the challenges she’s encountered on her journey and how they’ve shaped her into the person she is today.
“I was born in Ukraine and so when I was five, I was adopted in Ukraine by these two awesome parents right here. I’m very excited to have both of them with me today to support me through the tough days that I’ve had. Coming from a different country and all that, learning that it is a tough road to go on, but you get through it as you get older. And, I’m very excited to have a new chapter in my life as well. So, I want to be able to continue that path of the good journey for me so that others can also follow that path as well,” said Yana.
Wilson’s friends, family, and school staff gathered for a Signing Day celebration to honor this remarkable accomplishment. Sue Singleton and Nan Wilson, parents of Yana, reflect on their experiences raising her and express how proud they are of her accomplishments.
“As her parents, I feel like I’m the luckiest person in the whole wide world. She is beyond a blessing. She has been the easiest child to raise. The people at destination dawgs and their vision for this opportunity, this program and their growing vision. The world needs lots of those visionaries, lots of those doers, because they aren’t just thinking about, “maybe we could do.” they’re doing that and they’re opening these doors that will just mean so much in the lives of these kids that aren’t traditional students, as they call it. And, I just could not be more proud and more grateful to everybody around her and everybody that has been part of her journey to this point. And, I’m just excited to see what the next chapter brings,” said Sue Singleton, parent of Yana Wilson. “Since the first picture I saw of Yana when we were trying to adopt her, I knew that she was going to be special, and she has made our family just unbelievable. I will say to the Moultrie community and many others out there, we do have a village that has helped us and prayed for us and encouraged us. The school system has helped finding all the stepping stones that we’ve needed to get here. And, we’re just so thrilled and very proud of her and her new adventure,” said Nan Wilson, parent of Yana Wilson.
If you’d like to show your support for Miss Yana Wilson, you can visit her YouTube Channel, ‘Yana Wilson,’ to discover her artwork.